(Unofficial) Problem Bank List

  • September 22, 2009

I found this list of problem banks published by www.calculatedriskblog.com. This list is sortable and even includes the type of Enforcement Action, the reason and the agency.

Five Reasons Why Businesses Fail

  • September 22, 2009

Being proactive to avoid these same traps and mistakes can keep you from being another business owner that failed.

Giving The Best Customer Service Especially During Tough Times

  • September 21, 2009

One way for small businesses to excel in these lean times is building a loyal customer base. Treat your customers with respect and special attention. See that they get the best service and finest value you can. The happy customer will gladly sing your praises to other potential customers and they, themselves, will return to gladly spend more with you.

Obama Outlines Initiatives To Increase Savings

  • September 9, 2009

I think these initiatives are great! Anything that will allow people to put more into their retirement plans and save on current taxes is a good idea in my opinion.

What’s New In Back-To-School Tax Savings

  • September 3, 2009

Many back-to-school college students and their families are facing the toughest time in years, in meeting the costs of higher education due to the recent economic downturn. In an attempt to face this challenge, Congress recently passed some tax relief for college students and families that, together with scholarships, loans and work-study grants, can provide invaluable lifelines this year. The tax relief is twofold: the new American Opportunity Tax Credit and more liberal withdrawal rules for Section 529 plans to cover technology needs. Both tax provisions are temporary - for 2009 and 2010 only - but likely will be extended in some form if the need continues.

New Tax Deadlines Fast Approaching For Individuals and Businesses

  • September 3, 2009

Tax deadlines have long broken out of the mold of being exclusively set at April 15 for individuals and March 15 for businesses, generally with no important dates falling in between. From September through November of this year, recent tax legislation and IRS programs have created a handful of important new deadlines that may be easy to miss without a list. Some old dates, too, have a few new wrinkles.

IRS Warns of New Identity Theft Scams

  • September 3, 2009

The IRS is reminding taxpayers to be aware of identity theft scams using the IRS name, logo or website address to deceive taxpayers into believing they are being contacted by the agency. These scams request personal and financial information, such as bank account numbers, commonly by email. The IRS does not contact taxpayers or request personal information by email. Suspicious email should be forwarded to the IRS at phishing@irs.gov, and immediately deleted from the taxpayer's inbox.

Debate Continues Over Health Care Reform And Tax Incentives During Congress’ Summer Recess

  • September 3, 2009

Congress' summer recess has been anything but quiet, as lawmakers address concerned Americans throughout the country at town hall meetings on controversial health care reform. A number of health care reform proposals are on the table, as well as revenue raisers to pay for those reforms.

Missouri’s Attorney General May Charge Your Company $150,000 For A Data Breach

  • September 3, 2009

Many of you may have received data breach notices from credit card or other companies. Now if your company does business in one of the 45 states that require notification you will have to do the same and you should protect yourself from the risks.