The AICPA has developed a website to help deal with issues we are faced with during the economic crisis.  The About Us section explains the intent of the website.

In this time of global economic turmoil, individuals and businesses alike are in desperate need of guidance and reliable information.  CPAs are increasingly being called upon by employers and clients – as well as family and friends – for help in navigating current and future financial challenges.

To ensure CPAs have the essential information needed to serve as leaders at work, at home and in their communities, we have created the Economic Crisis Resource Center at, the premiere online resource for the profession during these challenging times.  This site was developed by the AICPA, in partnership with CPA2Biz, its marketing and technology subsidiary. With more than 200 items, the breadth and depth of content addresses the concerns of every member segment and includes:

  • Tools for minimizing the effects of a recession on your firm or company
  • Webcasts on credit and financing impacts
  • Articles on strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • CPE courses on fraud detection and maintaining the public trust
  • Professional development resources, including job postings

We will continue to develop and add new resources to this centralized hub in order to help you, your employers, clients and family get on sounder fiscal footing.

This is a great resource and everyone should add the feed to your RSS reader.