The following is a report from Eisner Accountants and Advisors, a premier accounting firm in New York. As a fellow member of PKF Eisner shares their insights and research from a board of directors survey. This report is primarily written for publicly traded companies but may also apply to privately owned business as well.

With heightened awareness of the need for corporate governance, American boardrooms are immersed in increasingly intense discussions about the issues of risk and compliance. With these new concerns, directors of public companies are under the microscope more so than ever before. While financial risk remains paramount, all systemic risks lead to financial risk in one way or another. This survey explores not only financial risk, but the other important areas of risk being discussed in boardrooms, such as regulatory compliance and reputational risk, as well how boards gain insight on new topics of interest to their companies.

The survey results along with our analysis are presented in this report. These insights could impact your thinking and, we hope, spur important discussions.

The executive summary outlines our survey results, but we invite you to read on to understand more about what we are hearing from board members. Risk and compliance are always hot topics. However with regulatory changes, the effect of the recession and an uncertain recovery still very much top of mind; these topics are commanding the agendas of boardrooms. We hope you find this report useful and that you’ll share your thoughts and ideas with us.

To read the full report, click here Concerns Report Eisner