written by Patti Stoner

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One of the most talked about subjects for professionals is fear of embezzlement. For dentists, this is an important area that can be easily addressed, but they can’t overlook the importance of these steps. Review our fraud checklist to determine your weak areas. Good checklists make it easy to identify a weakness you should address.

  • Any time there is a staff position vacated, review the fraud checklist and be sure any key issues that relate to that position are being properly evaluated and completed.
  • When a key staff member is on vacation, take the time to look over their procedures carefully. Determine if the numbers are better the week they are absent.
  • At a minimum, review the fraud checklist annually. Remember, when you review this list, you need to ask your staff these questions to ensure what you think or assume is done is actually performed.

To view or download the Fraud Checklist, click here The Whitlock Company Fraud Checklist

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