written by Patti Stoner

Patti Stoner head shot

One way for small businesses to excel in these lean times is building a loyal customer base.  Treat your customers with respect and special attention.  See that they get the best service and finest value you can.  The happy customer will gladly sing your praises to other potential customers and they, themselves, will return to gladly spend more with you.

If you, as the business owner, don’t have the direct customer contact, be sure that you have properly trained your employees and empowered them to treat your customers right.  You might not know that your declining sales are directly related to unfriendly employees that make the “wrong” lasting impression on your “first-time” customers.  If your advertising dollars have brought the potential customer into your business, don’t waste those advertising dollars by having the wrong customer service employees drive them away.

To improve your cash flow during this time, read this article for some great points for keeping any customers’ fee issues to a minimum and how to expect quicker payment.