written by Melinda Thurman

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Many small business owners ask the same question, “What is the most effective accounting software for my business?” There are many independent accounting software packages, in addition to, many industry specific software packages to choose from. Many of the industry specific software packages include a separate module for the accounting software as an add-on feature. Which one is the most effective?

QuickBooks is known for being an effective accounting software package for small businesses encompassing many different industries.

  • QuickBooks can be utilized by simple users to more advanced users.
  • QuickBooks has the option of automating simple transactions to monthly bank account reconciliations.
  • QuickBooks offers several versions of this software to better serve business accounting staff and owners.
  • QuickBooks has the ability to integrate with industry specific software packages through transaction download.
  • QuickBooks can be customized to meet a wide array of business needs.

The power of the QuickBooks software varies from industry-to-industry and user-to-user.

QuickBooks can save business owners more time to focus on business growth by:

  • Enabling the tracking of income and expenses appropriately that results in being more prepared throughout the year.
  • Providing business owners with real-time financial data anytime during the year. For instance, before making equipment purchases or expansion decisions, business owners desire to know what the business operations profit is as of a specific date.
  • Providing many different reporting options from broader views to detailed transactional views.
  • Generating an accurate snapshot of business operations through custom financial reporting.

QuickBooks assists business owners in making more knowledgeable business decisions.

The most effective accounting software chosen depends on the business needs and accounting purposes. The Whitlock Company can assist you in the software implementation to transition your current data into the QuickBooks software. To start using QuickBooks today, contact us at 417-881-0145 to ensure your accounting software is setup most effectively for your business purposes 417-881-0145.