The following is a report from Eisner Accountants and Advisors, a premier accounting firm in New York. As a fellow member of PKF Eisner shares their insights and research regarding trends in private equity.

Private equity continues to evolve as an essential industry while the financial markets continue to recover from the resounding events of the past few years. A review of the current trends in private equity yields no earth-shattering revelations, yet they do reflect an industry in transition; an industry that is robust and ever-changing. This ability to transition with changing times is essential to its longevity.

Interview results gained through discussions with key private equity players along with Eisner’s insights, are presented in this report. These insights could impact your thinking and, we hope, spur important discussions. This report sheds light on the issues facing the private equity industry, as discussed by private equity industry leaders. Market and government forces will always challenge the industry’s resilience. However, planning for these changes is essential to maximize investment value. We hope you find this report useful and please contact us with any questions.

To view full report, click here: Trends in Private Equity Eisner