written by Tom Beisner

Tom Beisner head shot

I found this list of problem banks published by www.calculatedriskblog.com.  This list is sortable and even includes the type of Enforcement Action, the reason and the agency.  I summarized the banks in MO, KS, AR and OK to see if there were any patterns:

MO                 5                 5                 3                 1               14
OK                 1                 4                 2                  –                 7
KS                 7                 9                 4                 2               22
AR                 1                 5                  –                  –                 6
Total               14               23                 9                 3               49

Kansas leads the other states with number of enforcement actions.  And as expected the OCC and the FDIC lead with the largest number of enforcement actions issued.  Let me know if notice anything else interesting.

By Tom Beisner, CPA, The Whitlock Company