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I was scouring the internet headlines to find out what Washington was doing about the economy and the banking system and I discovered they were busy with more pressing problems when I found this blog on washingtonwatch.com, posted by Jim Harper.

Novelty Lighters is Back!
Posted by Jim Harper, March 27, 2009 at 8:07 am
One of my earliest posts on this blog was called “Here’s a Law We Don’t Need,” and it mocked a bill to ban novelty lighters. A follow-up was called “Senate Joins Anti-Novelty Lighter Crusade.”
Well? Congress is baaack! And a new bill to control the scourge of novelty lighters has been introduced in the Senate.
The idea, of course, is to protect the children. Ah, the children. But the thinking I laid out before is still good. (No surprise I think that, huh?):
Children are going to be attracted to lighters whether they’re “novelty” or not. They’re lighters, after all. And that’s why we have “parents.” To tell children to leave lighters the heck alone. And to take them away from children, and to scold children, and to send children to bed without any supper, and ultimately to mold children into well-adjusted adults.
My one concern is that I’m not being very well-adjusted, what with this anti-anti-novelty-lighter crusade. . . . But whatever. This is a problem that I’m quite certain the U.S. Congress was not created by our Constitution to solve.

Now I see how they are spending their time.  Here is a poll where you can express your views.

Tom Beisner